Birds on branch / Rusty Birds / The Chatterboxes / Rustic Outdoor Bird Art

by MetalWorks Direct
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£24.00 £19.99 ex vat
"The Chatterboxes - Leaf Branch" / Birds on branch / Rusty Birds / Rustic Outdoor Bird Art

Our beautifully rustic birds on branches look great attached to any post or wall structure. The birds are made from steel and over time will develop their own unique rusty patina – they require no maintenance and do not need protection from bad weather, they will last year after year.

All of our items are made in own workshop in Cheshire, Great Britain - see all our items here

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Please note:
Our rusty items are real rust, the rust will stain your clothes so please be careful! The item you receive may not be as rusty as the item shown in the pictures, this is because we make everything by hand and have to wait for the rust to develop from exposure to wet weather, if we don't have much rain it takes longer for the items to rust! Once you receive the item, please put it outside straight away so that the rusting process can continue, the rust can take between 1 to 6 months to fully develop depending on how wet the weather is, initially it will go a bright orange and then develop to a dark brown - we think this looks great and watching the items change through the seasons is so interesting!

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We are a Husband and Wife team that designs and makes original metal artwork and furniture. Please contact us to enquire about exclusive commission work.